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        祥繁健身器材-家庭和商業健身解決方案提供商。免費熱線:158-0091-0943 / 400-1860-258

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        2020-08-21 11:20:20

         Product Description

        1.Intelligent computer automatic pound correction, precise to ±0.1.

        2.Stable constant pull function

        3. Power-on self-checking system

        4. Store memory function, can set 4 groups of weight.

        5. Pulse width modulate, variable speed can be available, protecting the string from hurting when the string

             is in tension

        6.4 groups of prestretch, suitable for different string.

        7. Sensor automatic string control, improving stringing speed and avoid breakdown.

        8. Store memory for stringing times.

        9. Three gears for speed.

        10. Knot and pound increasing set, automatically reset after finishing.

        11."Menu" includes chinese and english interface, function parameter.

        12. Three gears for voice.

        13.The voltage is 100-240V, suitable for any countries.

        14.LB and KG transfer function.

        15.Pound adjust function.

        16.Automatic return back function over time

        17.Stringing head has the string protection system. And can adjust according to the stringing route.

        18. Full tool set for free

        Racket clamped system

        *Independent racket clamped system with round working plate, fast and uniform stress, Double use for tennis and badminton rackets

        * K-clamp with badminton and tennis dual use,using special materials to contact with racket, no hurting and convenient to string.

        * Use high pounds protector make the racket more stable

        * Patent anti-sliding clamp base system, not accidental loosening after locking , durable, no fault;

        * This system totally overcomes racket deformation problem due to clamp base slipping.

        * This clamp base system has been sold for more than 10 years, without any repair, designated use by many countries buyers.

        Product Parameters

        1.Voltage: AC100V-240V

        2.Color :black and white


        4. Volume 94*49*110CM


        Full tools

        Product Qualification

        * The company hired industry veteran European design guidelines and the establishment of professional R & D team.

        * Nearly 9 years of production experience in research and development, the current technology has the product into the advanced level.

        * Product sales in more than 60 countries and regions, currently hold tens of thousands  users .

        * The company is currently China's largest production base for sports training, professional R & D team and production testing workshop.

        * Company products made in Europe BV, SGS, CE product certifications, and dozens of national patents, including a number of products to fill the domestic blank.

        *Product by 72 hours of rigorous testing.

        After Service 

        Supply spare parts and technical service for free within 24 month if any quality problem due to non-human factors.